The basic advantage of arthroscopic surgery is the minimal soft tissue damage, which helps in the early motivation of the joint, the fast healing and the short hospitalization. Arthroscopic surgery is preferred in joint surgery.


  • Arthroscopic and minimal invasive restoration of rotator cuff tears
  • Arthroscopic restoration of the labrum
  • Arthroscopic restoration of the long head biceps tendon
  • Decompression of the subacromial area in cases of subacromial compression syndrome
  • Arthroscopic release in cases of frozen shoulder
  • Primary dealing of cartilaginous wears


  • Suture of meniscal tears and removal of meniscal tears
  • Cruciate ligaments syndesmoplasty
  • Arthroscopic dealing of patellae instability

·         Restoration of cartilaginous damages (such as microfractures and chondrocyte implantation)